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At Pattern Bliss blog I'll be sharing my favorite surface pattern design inspirations, trends, a sneak peek my pattern designs, my favorite shoes, and, of course, cute dog pictures. Plus you'll get a glimpse of what goes on inside my studio in my sketchbook series.

The Future is Female: Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Portrait

I’m joining the portrait challenge organized on Instagram by @jkroik and @joanlemay. This month is all about @ocasio2018. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the amazing Congresswoman for NY-14: Bronx and Queens. My portrait features the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez speechwriting on the 6 train back in 2018. #JOANENNYCHALLENGE
Today’s hashtags: #alexandriaocasiocortez #ladyhero #digitalillustration #digitalportrait #iPadPro #procreateapp #thefutureisfemale #womeninpolitics #strongwomenrock #womenpaintingwomen #womenwhodraw #womenwhopaint #womenofcolorinpolitics #portrait #editorialart #editorialillustration #makeartthatsells #freelanceillustrator #makeartthatsells #Matsbootcamp #makearteveryday #lillarogers #magazineillustration

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Tropical Heat in New Australia Prints

Sharing a moodboard with three patterns from my Australian print collection. This collection features a fresh tropical-inspired color palette with psychedelic prints and a painterly vibe. Prints in this collection are available for purchase and licensing. Visit my website for details. I’ll be sharing more patterns in this collection soon.⠀⠀

Pattern development backstory. Before I dove in and started gathering supplies to create each pattern, I spent time researching the nature of the coast and ocean surrounding of Australia. The details in the natural elements, the veins in the leaves, the shadows on the sand, the ripples in water all create interesting shapes—and changing shapes. I wanted to incorporate these bold and beautiful patterns of Australia in my designs. Contrasting colors appear and disappear over time and make an object blend in when seen against a background. That magical transformation fascinates me. The light and dark leaves, the rocks on a shore, the sea vegetation, tree branches in the wind, and all the pockets and shafts of light in an underwater a reef are captivating.

For this pattern collection—only three of many designs are shared above—I used a variety of design tools including paint and inks for creating splashes and stylized waves. I used simple mark making and printmaking tools to create camouflage and textural skins with a hint of the psychedelic. For many of the designs I created a sense of movement using blurred mark-making and splattered and splashed art. Adding layers and layers to each design gave the added elements of natural texture and depth. All designs are available as hi resolution Adobe Photoshop files or Illustrator files—and many are available in multiple color ways.

Stay tuned for more Spring/Summer 2020 patterns including abstracted animal prints and natural elements with an Australian mood.

For creative projects and collaborations, contact me via my portfolio at You can follow me at

Always thankful for the talented photo folks over on @unsplash for the lovely mood photos: Scott Webb (leaves); Taweeroj Eawpanich (surfer); Tim Marshall (ocean waves).

#activewear #tropical #pattern #licensing #jungalowstyle #moderndecor #stationery

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Three New Scandinavian Patterns

Sharing a mood board with three new patterns in my Scandinavian print collection. This textured geo collection features a fresh nordic inspired color palette with clean lines. Prints in this collection are available for purchase and licensing. Visit my website for details. 

This pattern collection was featured over on the lovely Pattern Observer blog this week. For updates on this collection and other designs, you can follow me at 

Always thankful for the talented photo folks over on Unsplash for the mood photos: Ciocan Ciprian (leaves); Dane Deane (pine cones on table); Jonas Jacobsson (blue door). 

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Lush Floral Fantasy for Activewear

Diving into the magical botanical trend. Nature is a key inspiration in this design and this botanical has shimmering effects. The blooms have an iridescent quality
that creates a sense of luxury. This design also taps into celestial and mystical influences.

If you would like to see more designs by Chris Olson, her surface design patterns are available for purchase on this website.

Access to the online client portfolio is available to manufacturers, licensees, art directors, etc. If you would like to request access to the full pattern library in her online portfolio, please use the form at this "Online Portfolio Password Request" page. If you already have the password, you can view the collections.

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