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Surface Design Services

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Surface Pattern Design Services

If you are interested in surface design, please send Chris an email via the contact link and tell her a bit about the project you have in mind. You can view samples of her patterns here. If you would like to request access to the full pattern library in her online portfolio, please use the form at the "Online Portfolio Password Request" page. If you already have the password, you can view the collections here.


  • Create custom artwork for apparel, home decor, and textiles to fit both your customer and your brand's needs.

  • Prepare technically correct repeats of my original designs or pattern designs by others.

  • Research market trends and combine that information with the needs of the brand/consumer and my artistic style to develop original patterns that enhance your brand.

  • Develop unique pattern collections in multiple colorways.

  • Prepare color indexing and color separations for print production.

  • Prepare production-ready files in Photoshop or Illustrator for your manufacturer.