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At Pattern Bliss blog I'll be sharing my favorite surface pattern design inspirations, trends, a sneak peek my pattern designs, my favorite shoes, and, of course, cute dog pictures. Plus you'll get a glimpse of what goes on inside my studio in my sketchbook series.

Creating Winter Scenes

One aspect of  my work that I really enjoy is using my artwork to create rich media. Turning my holiday deer illustration into a short movie was an easy 8-step process with a few mini steps in each.

  1. Create hand drawn artwork. 
  2. Import artwork into Photoshop to use as the background layer.
  3. Create several layers of snow to animate in the next step.
  4. Use the animation feature in Photoshop to create several frames to animate the falling snow.
  5. At this point you have an animated gif. To add more features import the gif into iMovie.
  6. In iMovie include the "Ken Burns Effect" which adds panning and zooming to still imagery in the video production. (In iMovie 2014, go to the crop tool to find this effect.)
  7. Add a soundtrack using iMovie/iLife sound effects.
  8. Make it official with a title. If you want to share the movie on Instagram, center the title so it does not get cropped out.

Have fun. You can see my movie above and on Instagram.