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At Pattern Bliss blog I'll be sharing my favorite surface pattern design inspirations, trends, a sneak peek my pattern designs, my favorite shoes, and, of course, cute dog pictures. Plus you'll get a glimpse of what goes on inside my studio in my sketchbook series.

Studio Scene: Watercolor Polka Dots

Watercolor sketch by Chris Olson featuring indigo blue polka dots.

Watercolor sketch by Chris Olson featuring indigo blue polka dots.

I’m having fun painting indigo polka dots for a new textile print. Next I’ll pop the art into Photoshop and make adjustments. Stay tuned for more design process updates for the Pattern Observer Ice Princess design challenge.

My inspiration for the Ice Princess collection is my favorite playground—high altitude places in my home state of Colorado. Star gazing in the snow-capped mountains. Ice and snow reflecting in the Colorado light.

The Ice Princess design challenge in the Textile Design Lab is inspired by the wintry trend Michelle over at Pattern Observer spotted on the Fall ’16 runway.

ice princess color palette

Ice Princess Trend: A palette of cool blues and quiet neutrals. Mountainous terrain and glacial landscapes. Undulating lines of ski slope maps.

Check back for design process updates for my collection in the Ice Princess design challenge.