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At Pattern Bliss blog I'll be sharing my favorite surface pattern design inspirations, trends, a sneak peek my pattern designs, my favorite shoes, and, of course, cute dog pictures. Plus you'll get a glimpse of what goes on inside my studio in my sketchbook series.

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From My Sketchbook -- A Fresh Botanical Color Story

Today I'm sharing a glimpse inside my textile design process. My eye is naturally drawn to a vibrant pink because it speaks to love and friendship. In a botanical I like to include pink because it shows a softer side of the red hue—a hue that demands attention. Pink on the other hand attracts attention. Pink is the color of the goddess of love Venus—sensuous, delicious, and seductive without being overpowering. I paired it with other warm and friendly colors to create my botanical design. This design is a work in progress, check back next week and I'll share my finished artwork.

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Pink Is Cool Again: Pantone's Color(s) of the Year

For me pink has always been cool. To be perfectly honest, I just like almost every color except that weird avocado color of the 60s. I do like the vegetable though. Getting back to the main point, Pantone announced their Color of the Year for 2016! This year Pantone actually has two colors a warm Rose Quartz and tranquil Serenity. This lovely combo finds it's way into my design work frequently and now my clients think I'm psychic--or maybe just kinda obsessed with colors associated with cake frosting, donuts, and weddings, birthday parties. Anyways. I am happy. Great work Pantone.

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